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V2 Tobacco We love great snus at great prices
V2 Tobacco produces many different types of snus, chewing tobacco, nasal snuff and tobacco bits.

snus manufacturer

Our concept is simple: We manufacture chewing tobacco, portion snus and loose snus of the highest quality at the lowest possible price. Our snus is characterised by a well-formed basic flavour where the tobacco's full body and bite combine in sweet harmony. V2 Tobacco knows what really good snus should taste like.

Our philosophy and concept for snus production spring from our own passion for snus, and for the high quality that we are able to achieve through small-batch production of smoke-free tobacco.

We consider snus to be a convenient and sophisticated product filled with flavours and aromas provided by fragrant ingredients and naturally fresh spices.

V2 Tobacco conducts its operations out of one of Scandinavia's most modern snus factories, built in 2011.


V2 Tobacco the makers of:

  • Offroad snus - Offroad is V2 Tobacco's high flavor snus brand
  • Phantom snus - Phantom is snus with traditional snus aromas
  • Thunder snus, Chewing tobacco, tobacco bits and nasal snuff - Thunder is the strong snus with traditional and high flavoring
  • SnusX - Do it yourself snus, snustools and flavors
  • Zeroberg snus - Is the nicotine free snus
  • Grab it - A coffee portion with no nicotine and no tobacco


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