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Chewing information

V2 Tobacco offers several different chewing tobacco products in various flavors.


The term Chewing tobacco is historically used to describe two types of smokeless tobacco.

The first type is tobacco leaf. Here, the tobacco leaves are heated and moistened with steam so they can be cut into smaller pieces. This is the process we use for both our Long Cut and Chewing Bag products. The tobacco for Thunder Chewing bags is pieces cut with a length of between 5 - 50 mm and a width of 0.6-0.8 mm.

The other main type of smokeless tobacco is called spun tobacco, Scandinavian chewing tobacco or tobacco bits. Here the tobacco leaf is first stripped (removal of stem). Thereafter, the tobacco leaves are spun and ‘twisted' together by hand into a strand. The strand is cut into pieces. For comparison, snus is made of tobacco powder, where the tobacco is simply grinded.


Whether it is tobacco leaf or spun tobacco, these tobacco products have historically been known as Chewing Tobacco and the products needs to be chewed in order to release nicotine and flavor. However, Chewing tobacco is not chewed like chewing gum. In practice, the product should be chewed lightly after having been placed in the mouth, then the product should rest in the mouth until the user wishes to increase the delivery of nicotine and taste - then they simply chew lightly on the product again.

Our chewing tobacco products fall into three main categories:


Thunder Chew is different than Thunder Snus. The loose Chew is more like a paste and can be conveniently chewed as needed.

Loose snus, on the other hand, will crumble immediately when chewed which makes for a rather messy chewing experience.

Thunder Chew products are available as loose chewing tobacco and in some countries, in comfortable chew tobacco bags.


Thunder Chewing Bags should not be confused with Thunder Portion Snus. The manufacturing process and the final products are fundamentally different.

The bags that we use for Thunder Chewing bags is specially designed to be chewed to release flavor and nicotine. It is made from a paper with a special weave which is thicker and much stronger than the type of bag that snus is packed in.

Thunder Chewing Bags are also fundamentally different from the other chewing tobacco products on the market by being cut tobacco in small bags while others are made from spun tobacco.



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