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Snus information

V2 Tobacco has a big range of snus products and in many segments. We have many different flavors, portion sizes and many different moiusture levels.

The definition of our brands


To produce Phantom snus we only use carefully selected tobacco varieties that fulfil strict quality requirements.
Our Phantom snus is firmly rooted in the swedish snus tradition.


Get to know THUNDER, one of Scandinavia's strongest snus varieties of snus.
THUNDER is manufactured using a larger proportion of tobacco leaves, which makes it stronger, a different moisture level and flavor contribute to the product being extra strong.
This snus comes in two versions: Extra Strong and ULT


Offroad comes in a variety of different flavours, including liquorice, American wintergreen, melon and mint.
Offroad is sold in portions or as loose snus


Do it yourself snus, snus tools and flavors - Visit the SnusX website.


Zeroberg is the tobacco and nicotine free pouch for anyone. The basis of the recipe is applefiber flavored with aromas reminiscent of the classic tobacco flavor.


It can be said that moisture and taste is used to measure the durability of snus. Moisture is important for the durability of snus.
Therefore, it is always recommended that the products are kept refrigerated as much as possible and that they are not exposed to heat.

Heat changes the moisture and aromas of the snus. The durability of the products is significantly better in unopened package.

The snus must therefore be used before the printed “best before” date on the packaging. If one wishes to keep snus for a longer period of time the best repository is the freezer. Here snus can keep the same moisture and taste for at least a year.


Snus is produced of air-dried tobaccos mainly from Asia. All other ingredients that are a part of the production of snus are approved for foodstuff production. Besides water and tobacco, which are the main ingredients in snus, salt is added as a flavor enhancer and sodium carbonate weakly basifies the snus and gives it its character.

Furthermore, snus is added moisture-retaining substances (polypropyleneglycol and glycerol) which have the effect that the snus stays moist longer, especially after the packaging is opened.

The snus gets its taste by adding a number of flavoring agents which are natural ingredients either in powderform, a solution of spirits or fruit oils. The flavoring agents used in snus are of very different character and are combined so balance occurs between scent and taste.

Phantom Thunder Offroad SnusX Zeroberg